Web Form With File Upload

HTML web forms allow to send files along with the form data:

<input type="file" name="foo" />

<!-- It is possible to upload multiple files using the multiple attribute: -->
<input type="file" name="foo" multiple="true" />

OpenEndpoints automatically understands the correct enctype to separate uploaded content from form <input> data:

File Uploadenctype

Web form with no file upload


Web form with one or many file uploads


Once the file(s) have been uploaded by the user, the following options exist to do things with these files:

Option 1 - Email attachment

The Email Task allows to add all uploaded files as attachments:


That means: It is not possible to select which file should be attached as an attachment. All files are always attached.

Option 2 - Insert file content into HTTP request body

When sending an HTTP request from OpenEndpoints using the HttpRequest Task , and when specifying that HTTP request should contain an XML body, and when that XML is specified inline, the optional attribute upload-files="true" may be set.

For example:

<xml-body upload-files="true">
    <foo upload-field-name="xyz" encoding="base64"/>

This syntax indicates that the element <foo> will be filled with the contents of the uploaded file with the filename "xyz". The encoding is always base64, no other encodings are supported.

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