This software takes XML from multiple sources (e.g. URLs, files, or any Java class you write which can produce XML). You configure what sources you want, and the software combines the XML from those sources into one XML file in memory. The XML is then optionally transformed using XSLT. The resulting document is then optionally converted into PDF, XLS or JSON. The resulting file is then either downloaded to the browser, or a sent as an email, or you can write a Java class which performs any action on the file, or any combination of the above.

Documentation on Gitbook

A documentation of our software is available here:

We would like to thank GITBOOK for providing us with their great product for free.

Further documentation is available in the LyX doc endpoints.lyx. Download LyX for free for Windows/Mac/Linux in order to read and contribute to this file.


This software was originally written by Adrian Smith and commissioned by Offer-Ready IT-Services & Consulting GmbH. At the time of writing, Offer-Ready IT-Services & Consulting GmbH still maintain the project.


Contributions are welcome. Please open an issue describing what you wish to achieve. We will be able to help you with advice, before you invest the time of development. When you've developed your patch, please submit a pull request using github.

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