Use Application

After you've published your application, you probably want to test your endpoint :-)

Calculate Hash

  1. Navigate to Calculate Hash in the main navigation.

  2. Select your endpoint and the environment.

  3. In case your endpoint has "include-in-hash" parameters, you will be prompted to enter values for those parameters. See: Authentication.

  4. Press button Calculate Hash and copy the calculated hash value.

  1. Navigate to Home in the main navigation.

  2. Copy Live URL or Preview URL - depending on what environment you would like to use. The URL should look like this:{endpoint}?{parameter}

  3. Replace {endpoint} with the name of your endpoint

  4. Replace {parameter} with: hash=[the-calculated-hash]

  5. If your endpoint has "include-in-hash" parameters, those parameters (and the values as used for calculating the hash) shall be added as additional GET parameters.

  1. Copy the link into your browser.

  2. Navigate to Request-Log in the main navigation. You will find your request, including additional information in case an error has occurred.

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