Debug Mode

By default, OpenEndpoints does not save any data that was transferred with a request.
Sometimes, however, it can make sense to have data transfer tracking available for error analysis, for example. This is what the debug mode is for.

Working Principle

With the parameter transformation, OpenEndpoints generates a parameter-transformation-input.xml and - after successful transformation - a parameter-transformation-output.xml. These are only stored in memory and not persisted to disk, by default.
When Debug Mode is activated, these two files are saved in the request log and can be downloaded from the Service Portal. (If the transformation fails, the output.xml is not generated).
Only works with Parameter Transformation
The debug parameter will be silently ignored in case the endpoint does not use Parameter Transformation.


To use the debug mode, 2 conditions must be met at the same time:
  1. 1.
    The debug mode must be allowed for this application in the service portal.
  2. 2.
    An additional parameter is added to the request: debug=true
debug mode usage image

Clear Debug Log

Click "Clear debug log" to delete all files created with debug mode.
debug mode clear image