Add New Application

The term ”application” is used to describe a piece of configuration. OpenEndpoints can serve multiple applications simultaneously. You can create different projects with different application directories and run them in parallel.

An application is configured with a directory of files - mainly XML files. The structure of the directory is explained in detail here: Application Directory Structure.

OpenEndpoints pulls the application directory from a Git. When publishing, the last version is pulled from the Git and your configuration is updated.

Add or Edit Application

Click Add New Application to create your first application.

This will open the screen to add new or edit existing applications:

  • Choose an application name, which will become part of the endpoints URL

  • The Display Name is used in the user interface and will also be available as an input-from-application in Parameter Transformation.

  • The Git URL shall point to the root folder of your Application Directory Structure.

After successfully adding a new application you will find your new application in the "Change Application" Screen:

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